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Internet thru power lines?

Original poster: "Robin Copini by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <rcopini-at-merlin-dot-net.au>

Hi All,

 I am reading a computer mag here in Oz. It has an article that goes
into some depth concerning an exhibit at CeBIT Hanover that will connect
high speed internet comms to the power grid including the transformer
network to deliver up to 2 megabit per sec capacity to the end users.It
is already being tested at Mannhein Germany where 200 families get all
the comms requirements through their electrical sockets. The greatest
problem, that concerning line noise, has apparently been overcome,
obviously they haven't met my coil running flat out yet!  :-)  To those
on the list who know about these things, should this technology expand,
where will it leave us that, despite the best efforts in filters, still
spew out EM all over the band when we run our coils?

Best Regards

 Robin Copini.

P.S.  Terry, those caps are finally on their way for you to test. :-^  .