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Re: Actual measurements MattD Coil - E-Tesla6 anomoly

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <Mddeming-at-aol-dot-com>

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> What is really a pain is that the error is on the wrong side.  I am sure 
> there 
> is some Murphy's law that states that "given obviously known correct and 
> incorrect hypotheses, the data will always correspond to the wrong one..."   
> I 
> could hope that your 1960's HP thing is "out of cal" but that's probably a 
> stretch :-))  I assume the strike rail was grounded in your measurements... 
>  If 
> it was floating things would make a bit more sense to me (still grasping at 
> straws here :-))). 
> I knew when I added the strike rail "MS Strike Rail Feature for Windows" 
> that 
> there may be times when it would violate Carl Gauss's law.  I was hoping it 
> would all just work out, but ya know how that stuff goes :-p 
> So the source of the problem is known...  I have no idea as to the "fix" but 
> thinking on it...  Sort of good that the total error is only 4% but... 
> Cheers, 
>        Terry 

Hi Terry! 
        Thanks for all the work and the clear explanation. Yes, the strike 
rail is grounded. I am not sure about the calibration on my signal generator. 
It's got a logarithmic scale etched on a 8" metal disk. If I can get my son, 
the paging system tech, to visit soon with his high-$ Motorola Service 
Monitor (6-digit digital), I will rerun tests just to be sure . 
I have so far been unable to take any readings under full power. This has 
been the rainiest month of May in the history of W.Va. and the "Lab" floor 
leaks (Murphy's Law again). 
Again, thanks for the insight. 

Matt D.