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RE: Will I kill my MOTs?

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Hi Henry

MOT are shunted, but not enough to operate them on a short circuit status
for an extended period of time. You need to use your extra MOT as a ballast.
This will reduce the power output. To bring up the power, you can lower the
inductance of the ballast by connecting another MOT in parallel with your
first ballast. You can continue to lower the inductance of the ballast by
adding more MOTs in the same way, but eventually the inductance will become
so low that you are back to where you started with no ballast. I have set up
where I ballast two MOTs in series with three MOTs connected in parallel. I
get plenty of power and the MOTs stay cool. It does draw a lot of current
from the service mains. I have solved this problem by phasing together two
120/240/480/3KVA industrial type transformers into a 6KVA supply. I can take
240V/25A from the service mains and supply 120V/50A to the MOT system. Don't
forget to short the HV leads of the MOTs you use for ballast. 

Godfrey Loudner

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> Hi list! 
> I decided to upgrade my coil a bit, and first thing was the power supply.
> I 
> intend to use two MOTs back-to-back with center grounded.  I rigged them
> up 
> with a 16A breaker (at 240v) and it made a nice little spark - I
> accidently 
> knocked one of the wires and it sprang back, drawing the arc to over a
> foot - 
> that scared me!  Anywayz, I am running them with no ballast.  They don't
> trip 
> the breaker but am I going to kill them over time by running them like
> this?   
> I have another, smaller, MOT that I could use as ballast but presumably
> this 
> would reduce the power somewhat.  Just wondering whether it's absolutely 
> necessary to use it. 
> Thanks 
> Henry Hallam