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Re: Will I kill my MOTs?

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> Hi list! 
>  I decided to upgrade my coil a bit, and first thing was the power supply.  
>  intend to use two MOTs back-to-back with center grounded.  I rigged them 
>  with a 16A breaker (at 240v) and it made a nice little spark - I 
>  knocked one of the wires and it sprang back, drawing the arc to over a 
foot -
>  that scared me!  Anywayz, I am running them with no ballast.  They don't 
> trip 
>  the breaker but am I going to kill them over time by running them like 
>  I have another, smaller, MOT that I could use as ballast but presumably 
>  would reduce the power somewhat.  Just wondering whether it's absolutely 
>  necessary to use it. 
>  Thanks 
>  Henry Hallam


It's a matter of heat build up.  If the MOT's get too hot the insulation
can burn up, and the MOT will be destroyed.  Generally, they can
withstand a lot of heat.  I've run mine so hot, you'd burn your hand
if you touched the core (power off), yet the wire did not discolour.  
Discolouration of the wire is a good indication of too much heat
over time.  Smelling or smoking, is another strong indicator    :)

John Freau