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Re: Will I kill my MOTs?

Original poster: "Gregory Hunter by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <ghunter31014-at-yahoo-dot-com>

I've used the same type of setup--two unballasted MOTs
in series with the cores grounded--and they held up
fine.  They will get quite toasty without any ballast,
but short runs shouldn't hurt them.  If the heat
concerns you, dunk them in an oil bath and you can run
them as long as you like.  Mine are immersed in
non-detergent motor oil.  A US .30 caliber steel ammo
can is perfect for two MOTs.



--- Tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> wrote:
> Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz
> <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <Hhchicken1-at-aol-dot-com>
> Hi list! 
> I decided to upgrade my coil a bit, and first thing
> was the power supply.  I 
> intend to use two MOTs back-to-back with center
> grounded.  I rigged them up 
> with a 16A breaker (at 240v) and it made a nice
> little spark - I accidently 
> knocked one of the wires and it sprang back, drawing
> the arc to over a foot - 
> that scared me!  Anywayz, I am running them with no
> ballast.  They don't trip 
> the breaker but am I going to kill them over time by
> running them like this?   
> I have another, smaller, MOT that I could use as
> ballast but presumably this 
> would reduce the power somewhat.  Just wondering
> whether it's absolutely 
> necessary to use it. 
> Thanks 
> Henry Hallam

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