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re: Herrick's... SSTC

Original poster: "Peter Lawrence by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <Peter.Lawrence-at-Sun-dot-com>

       am I correct in assuming that since your SSTC is synchronized directly
to the secondary (ie there is no primary res frequency to adjust) that it
will drive just about any secondary coil within reason.

What would be the practical upper frequency limit of your SSTC, could I use it
to drive my 3.5" x 12" mini TCs  (I've wound them with everything from #24
to #36 wire, Fres anywhere from 650kHz to 150kHz (those are approx, I'm trying
to remember this stuff off the top of my head, notes are at home))?

Will it be possible to design a digital control that gives a predetermined
number of primary oscilations, and then shuts off until restarted (by manual
button, or by preset time delay)?

Could IGBTs (what Terry is using) be used for more voltage in the primary,
I'm wondering about using 1600v MOT power verses 160v to compare the results
of more verses fewer oscilations to breakout (ie build one machine that could
be run either way)?

My order for plans is in!

Peter Lawrence.