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Re: The Sigma-6 Coil-Magnifier?

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In a message dated 5/17/01 10:55:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes:

> > Now, the part that really determines the streamer length is the
>  > tertiary coil. I belive that the resonant frequency has to be a
>  > multiple of the secondary's frequency for maximum output. It will
>  > produce longer streamers due to the extra tertiary coil. I have read
>  > several articles, none which I can refer to you offhand, that has fact
>  > to support this. I think one thing they said was that it does not as
>  > strong magnetic fields to reach the upper part of the secondary.
>  > (remember, the tertiary is not coupled to the primary. It is attached
>  > to the secondary via a "transmission" line.)

I've done some work with magnifiers, and never saw any evidence
that they produce longer sparks than normal TC's.  As far as tight
coupling is concerned, the overall coupling is actually lower than
the pri - sec coupling.  I'd be interested to hear your explanation
of why a magnifier can produce longer sparks.  Antonio on this
list has presented a paper which offers a method of trapping all
the energy in the resonator at one time, and this may offer some
benefit under certain conditions, but these are somewhat 
difficult to achieve, and longer sparks have not been demonstrated.

John Freau