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The Mighty Inductor Of Doom, Possible Free Cores, was transformers

Original poster: "Christopher Boden by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <chrisboden-at-hotmail-dot-com>

>Original poster: "Erik Byng by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" 
>Ok, I priced out some new Bombarder transformers, and for that price, I
>would think that you'd prefer a piggie to a bobarder.
>Heck, for that amount of $$$, you might just as well buy TTR's lab
>transformer and ship it home.

Just out of curiosity, what do they have?

Ok...today, on a shopping trip (I was looking for paint remover) I stopped 
by a few of our local sponsors. I got the tiny hoffman box for the doorbell 
button and a 100' coil of 6AWG THHN/THWN stranded Cu cable.

I also stumbled across a HUGE pile of unwound E-I cores behind a rewind 
shop, I have a message in to the boss, but the punk kid who works there said 
that we may be able to have whatever we like (like the whole pile) free as 
they've set there in a garageish area for years.

If I can get them I'll get a couple dozen and make them availible to list 
members free, you ship.

When I got back to the lab I decided, in a fit of masochistic fury to wind 
the inductor. I grabbed the core we cleaned a couple weeks ago and started 

The core measures:

8 5/8"L 6 1/8" W  7 1/4" H
Outer legs are 1 1/2"W Middle leg is 2 15/16"W both X 6 1/8"
Weight....um....Chinese Hernia Heavy, not quite Pallet heavy

With the help of Nicola (who needed to run a few laps anyway) we got 2 
layers of windings on before no more would fit, about 25 turns total. The 
wire is VERY big and doesn't want to turn in there. I was afraid that if I 
forced it I would just scrape off insulation and build shorts into it.

I left 3' leads for hookup, I'll try it on the pig tomorrow. um....hang 

Ok....220V-N-220V....I only have 2 wires on teh inductor......where do I 
place it? I can't hook it to just one leg, or it'll trip the other leg and 
teh mechanical interlink on the breaker will trip the other one.
I can't put it on neutral, hmmmmmmm I never thought of this one before, 

I just want to tie it in and draw an arc with the Jesustick. Just a power 
test of the pig.


1. What's the inductance of my Inductor?
2. What will it be rated for power wise? (i.e. how many kVA will I get off 
the pig now?)
3. With 6AWG I would think it's fine amperage wise, am I correct?

Also, on a side note.

The city electrical inspector came by today to check the new 440 service 
(dual 200A 3Ph), he had heard about us before and asked about Sam (the 6" 
coil), so we went to the HVL and fired it up. He LOVES the coil. Called over 
a couple of the other city inspectors (Housing and Plumbing, both already 
members, lol) and we went over the basics of coils and such for over an 
hour. He's bringing his kids this weekend :)

I love to watch the look in the eyes of people who see these fire for the 
first time, it's wonderfully funny :)


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