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Re: low amperage

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 i just got a new transformer with only 20mA output.  isn't there something 
 "amperator" "amponizer" "amperotron" :) that would up the amps?
Hi RQ,

 The 20 mA rating means your transformer may safely deliver 
20 mA at the voltage rating of the transformer. We use Ohm's law to determine 
the amount of current that will be drawn. You didn't give the voltage rating 
of your transformer
so let's say for example your transformer is 10 Volts with a 20 mA = 0.02 Amp 
>From Ohm's law: Resistance = Volts / Amps. That is usually written as R = E / 
10 V / 0.02 A = 500 Ohms. A 500 Ohm device will draw the maximum rated 20 mA.
You may connect your transformer to anything with a resistance higher than 
500 Ohms
but connecting anything less than 500 Ohms can burn out the transformer and / 
or burn down the house.

Understanding electrical science requires a lot of study. If you would tell 
us how old you
are we could then recommend suitable text books. Also, you will find the 
people on theTesla list all very willing to help you. It is customary on the 
Tesla list to sign your name
to your postings so we can address you courteously and as an identifiable 

And let's be careful out there. 

Happy day,
Ralph Zekelman