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Re: transformers

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A bombarder is a large, very capable transformer used in the final
construction stage of a neon sign to heat the tube well beyond normal
operating temperatures...to "age" the tube. The heating drives off the
residual impurities left in the metal end caps of each tube. Neon sign
makers sometimes do use pigs, but it's not uncommon to see a bombarder
designed for the purpose, and they often are designed as open frame
devices...that is, you can immediately see the core and windings. One
controls the voltage and current by means of a choke which is almost
always found as a companion unit to the transformer itself.

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> What exactly are these bombarding transformers used for? I notice that a lot
> of neon sign websites sell them but you have to have a LOT of neon to use on
> a transformer like that. So what are they used for exactly?
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> > > Hi Howard
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> > > I have never come across any 12KV, 120MA NSTs; they sound very
> interesting.
> > > In the past, one could get hold of 15KV, 120MA NSTs, but they are
> difficult
> > > to locate these days. The bombarder transformer can get up to 25KVA,
> 20KV,
> > > and they cost big money. There is no sense in getting a bombarder,
> because a
> > > pole pig is a better transformer and is less expensive.
> > >
> > > Godfrey Loudner
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