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Re: transformers

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> "Bombarder" transformer. These are different 
> brutes alltogether. They're definitely not current limited in any way, 
> and are available in 7.5, 10, & 12 KVA -at- 15KV. What makes them 
> attractive is that they're often designed to "open Frame" technology; 
> that is, encapsulated, but not enclosed. Check neon sign supply folks 
> for these too. 
> hk 

Hi Howard, all, 

I'd love to get ahold of one or two of these bombarders, but I'd be 
willing to bet that these are pretty much beyond the budget of the 
average coiler, unless one happened to find them junked or in sur- 
plus. How about it, has anyone out there obtained bombarders with- 
out taking out a second mortgage on their home? 

Sparkin' in Memphis, 
David Rieben