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Re: Coil design specs comments wanted

Original poster: "Christopher Boden by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <chrisboden-at-hotmail-dot-com>

>Original poster: "jpeakall by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" 
>Howdy All,
>I am trying to get together the specs for my first permanent mounted and
>probably final (?) coil, and would very much appreciate comments and
>suggestions. I already have the cap and transformers listed below, and the
>piece of 6.5˛ PVC pipe. I like the idea of the 44˛ coil for looks, but it 
>way over the 4:1 HD aspect ratio. Is this really gonna hurt performance?

Actually, Our 6X39" secondary performs MUCH better than a 6"24 wound on the 
exact same pipe stock, with the exact same wire, and the exact same 
coatings. We used 22AWG wire with the intent of making a matched pair of 
secondaries, both 6" X 24" 22AWG. We had some extra pipe left over and wound 
it just for kicks. It's VERY candlesticked, and a little lop sided (It got 
too hot in one of the baking cycles), but it works GREAT! :)

>Proposed Coil Specs:
>Power Supplies available: 12kv/120ma, 15kv/60ma NSTs
>Primary: flat style, 12 wraps of 1/4˛ copper tubing, spaced 1/4˛, first 
>Secondary 6.5˛ X 44˛, 1200 wraps of 20 AWG, PVC coil form
>Main Gap: static vortex or vacuum if I go resonant cap, or a rotary if I go

I would personally avoid a rotary with an NST. Sync rotaries CAN be ysed 
with NSTs, but if you screw up at all they're very unforgiving to the 

>I have a .025 (actually tests to .023) RRI # 208 tank cap. The resonant
>value for the 12kv/120ma is .027. Is this close enough to make a resonant
>system? If I have properly adjusted safety gaps and use a static main gap,
>how likely am I to blow the transformer?

In Tesla Service ANY NST, regardless of it's make, model, or protection 
system, will die eventually. Just accept this as part of the deal. In enough 
time ANY NST, or Cap will die, it's part of the game :) All we can do is 
make the best systems we can and hope.

Can I adjust the safety gap to fire
>just before max power for extra safety?

That's what we do, it works.

I donšt want to spend the $ for more
>tank caps, but donšt really want to blow the transformer either. However,
>should I decide to throw down more cash, how exactly close would I have to
>get to the magic .0405 (LTR value for the 12kv/120ma) to get the LTR 
>Ideally I would like to go LTR.
>Will this primary and secondary set up be able to handle the two NSTs 
>up together?

And much more power actually. I'm running 12/120 as our nominal low power 
system. We're jumping to a 10kva Pig for the same coil soon.

I would make the secondary adjustable height-wise for coupling.
>I definitely want to leave that option of using both open. Although I
>shudder to think of what an LTR tank cap for that is gonna cost...

Take your time, get parts as you can afford them. Of course I would 
reccomend a Geek Group MMC. The caps are proven, very well priced, and 
readily available.

>As always, many thanks.
>Jonathan Peakall

Have fun!

Christopher A. Boden Geek#1
President / C.E.O. / Alpha Geek
The Geek Group
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