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Coil design specs comments wanted

Original poster: "jpeakall by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <jpeakall-at-mcn-dot-org>

Howdy All,

I am trying to get together the specs for my first permanent mounted and
probably final (?) coil, and would very much appreciate comments and
suggestions. I already have the cap and transformers listed below, and the
piece of 6.5˛ PVC pipe. I like the idea of the 44˛ coil for looks, but it is
way over the 4:1 HD aspect ratio. Is this really gonna hurt performance?

Proposed Coil Specs:

Power Supplies available: 12kv/120ma, 15kv/60ma NSTs

Primary: flat style, 12 wraps of 1/4˛ copper tubing, spaced 1/4˛, first turn
Secondary 6.5˛ X 44˛, 1200 wraps of 20 AWG, PVC coil form
Main Gap: static vortex or vacuum if I go resonant cap, or a rotary if I go

I have a .025 (actually tests to .023) RRI # 208 tank cap. The resonant
value for the 12kv/120ma is .027. Is this close enough to make a resonant
system? If I have properly adjusted safety gaps and use a static main gap,
how likely am I to blow the transformer? Can I adjust the safety gap to fire
just before max power for extra safety? I donšt want to spend the $ for more
tank caps, but donšt really want to blow the transformer either. However,
should I decide to throw down more cash, how exactly close would I have to
get to the magic .0405 (LTR value for the 12kv/120ma) to get the LTR effect?
Ideally I would like to go LTR.

Will this primary and secondary set up be able to handle the two NSTs ganged
up together? I would make the secondary adjustable height-wise for coupling.
I definitely want to leave that option of using both open. Although I
shudder to think of what an LTR tank cap for that is gonna cost...

As always, many thanks.

Jonathan Peakall