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Teslathon in Corby.

Original poster: "Alan Sharp by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <AlanSharp-at-compuserve-dot-com>


You and any visitors from the states will be very welcome at the teslathon.

The teslathon is definately on at Corby, we will be running  the big pair
and trying for 15 foot arcs and a new record for mass electrocution :)

Should have lots of coils, including a micro magnifier, a solid state coil
and a tube coil.

There are maps on my web site:


My thanks to Steve Rodway who is sponsoring this event.

Alan Sharp

The next UK Teslathon is will be   on Saturday 26th May 2001, at St
Ninian's church hall,   Corby.
  Corby is very central for most of England, close to M1, M6, A14 see the
map   below.

Anyone travelling by train the nearest railway station is Kettering which
connects with the rail bus
to Corby - from the centre of Corby get a taxi to St Ninian's. We will try
to arrange lifts back to the station.

  This is an event for coilers   who understand the risks of High Voltage. 
  You will be responsible for   your own safety at the event.
  Sorry but from a safety point of view I am not prepared to   admit any
children - too many coils, hv supplies and wires lying   about.
  Also on safety we do not want exploding capacitors, or rotary   gaps that
will break up at speed, or large unballasted power supplies that   are
going to blow all the fuses. If you are not confident of your equipment   -
don't bring it - or at least don't switch it on. If you can please bring  
a CO2 extinguisher.

  9am onwards hall open for those setting up coils.
  10.30am arrivals tea/coffee registration.
  11am onwards demonstrations.
  12.30am Lunch - there will be tea and coffee, bring your own sandwiches
or   there is a chip shop, grocers, and a Chinese take away just across the
  1.30pm more demo's
  3pm or whenever, finish.
  We'll also have tables for bring and buy
  If you are bringing a coil let me know. We are limited by 13A wall plugs 
 and poor earths - though  we get good results using the central heating  
pipes. There is no vulnerable electronics equipment in the church hall.
  send   me mail
  Cost - there is no admission charge but you may wish to make a small
donation   (suggest 3, (yes a mere three quid) and tea/coffee at 25p -
(after   covering any costs the money will go to Ekwendeni hospital in
Malawi which   the church supports.