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RE: grounding?

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The term "ground strap" does not imply the actual composition or
construction of the article, it only suggests that the overall conductor
is flat and not insulated.  Ground straps ARE often made of tinned
copper braid, and in DC or 60 Hz applications, that's fine.  But in high
frequency applications like grounding the base of a Tesla Coil, it has
been shown that braided conductors are very lossy.  Parallel-stranded
(i.e. not braided) or copper ribbon conductors are recommended for coil
RF ground connections.  All Electronics also sells finely stranded #4AWG
cable at $1.25/ft w/ PVC or $1.50/ft w/ a more flexible silicone rubber
insulation.  Of course, for short (less than a couple feet) hops, it
won't matter what you use.

Having said that, it's only fair to also mention that RF ground
connections do not have a large impact on a coil's performance.  It has
been reported on this List that some have accidentally forgotten to
connect the secondary base to ground, and the performance was unchanged!
The consequence however is that your AC power lines will be subject to
more severe HF & HV nasties.

Gary Lau

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>"

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> At Chip Atkinson's site, those images which show you how to ground the

> s.coil 
> show a "grounding strap".  what's that? Is it just an expression for 
> whatever 
> material you use? if  it's a real product, where can I get it? 

        A grounding strap is usually a very flexible, flat, bare, woven 
copper belt (looks like a boy scout or military uniform belt made of
copper). The term is also used for tinned copper tubular braid squashed
I've also seen the term used for a pair of #0 AWG cable pieces with
copper lugs at each end to accomodate a 5/16" stud. At
they are selling tubular braid good for 30-40 Amps continuous at
3ft/$1.00 (3 
pcs min) or $0.25/ft for 100 ft or more + S&H. If you make a long,
oval from a  double length, form a small loop at each end to accommodate
bolt, presto, you have a grounding strap good for 60-80 Amps for a
couple of 
bucks. Just remember, grounding straps are NOT insulated. 
Hope this helps, 
Matt D.