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Re: Tesla's World Electrical System (was Field Mill Voltmeter

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> To all on the Tesla List. 
> Thank you John C.!!!  To everyone; please don't "rush to judgment" 
> when it comes to your conceptions of what Tesla was trying to do! 
> In his own words, his system (was not) Hertzian electromagnetic 
> wave propagated energy (which, as everyone knows, attenuates 
> by the square of doubling the distance).  I see a myriad of posts 
> to this list, suggesting that Tesla was using "classical" Hertzian 
> electromagnetic wave propagation.  Tesla states time and again, 
> "this is not so". 
> I know there are many members of this list that are thirsting 
> for knowledge and insight, as to what Dr. Tesla meant, by his 
> printed (and otherwise quoted) words.  We have all waited at 
> least 100+ years (as per Tesla's own predictions), to solve the 
> riddle of this wireless electrical energy transmission problem. 
> I can only quote Dr. Tesla once again: "See the excitement 
> coming!"  Translation:  I (personally) believe that Tesla had indeed 
> solved the riddle of (almost lossless) electrical energy transmission 
> (without wires).  I don't expect anyone to believe this on this 
> list.  However, I have satisfied myself as to the practicality 
> (of this method and process), and hold out hope that one day soon, 
> this method will be widely accepted, in today's paradigm view 
> of how things work. 
> Until all the experimental proof can be verified by independent 
> sources, it will remain, as it has, for over 100 years, a subject 
> for constant debate, argument, and disbelief. 
> Respectfully, 
> Bill Wysock. 

Hi Bill, All! 
        All that is necessary for a paradigm shift is a single successful 
experiment, consistently repeatable by skeptics as well as by disciples, 
which is not explainable in terms of existing theories. That is what the 
world has been waiting 100+ years for, unsuccessfully so far. When that 
happens, EVERYONE on the list will be interested. Then, it will even be on 

Matt D.