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Re: grounding?

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> At Chip Atkinson's site, those images which show you how to ground the 
> s.coil 
> show a "grounding strap".  what's that? Is it just an expression for 
> whatever 
> material you use? if  it's a real product, where can I get it? 

        A grounding strap is usually a very flexible, flat, bare, woven 
copper belt (looks like a boy scout or military uniform belt made of braided 
copper). The term is also used for tinned copper tubular braid squashed flat. 
I've also seen the term used for a pair of #0 AWG cable pieces with heavy 
copper lugs at each end to accomodate a 5/16" stud. At www.allelectronics-dot-com 
they are selling tubular braid good for 30-40 Amps continuous at 3ft/$1.00 (3 
pcs min) or $0.25/ft for 100 ft or more + S&H. If you make a long, skinny   
oval from a  double length, form a small loop at each end to accommodate a 
bolt, presto, you have a grounding strap good for 60-80 Amps for a couple of 
bucks. Just remember, grounding straps are NOT insulated. 
Hope this helps, 
Matt D.