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RE: Tesla's World Electrical System (was Field Mill Voltmeter

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <wysock-at-ttr-dot-com>

To all on the Tesla List.

Thank you John C.!!!  To everyone; please don't "rush to judgment"
when it comes to your conceptions of what Tesla was trying to do!
In his own words, his system (was not) Hertzian electromagnetic
wave propagated energy (which, as everyone knows, attenuates
by the square of doubling the distance).  I see a myriad of posts
to this list, suggesting that Tesla was using "classical" Hertzian
electromagnetic wave propagation.  Tesla states time and again,
"this is not so".

I know there are many members of this list that are thirsting
for knowledge and insight, as to what Dr. Tesla meant, by his
printed (and otherwise quoted) words.  We have all waited at
least 100+ years (as per Tesla's own predictions), to solve the
riddle of this  wireless electrical energy transmission problem.

I can only quote Dr. Tesla once again: "See the excitement
coming!"  Translation:  I (personally) believe that Tesla had indeed
solved the riddle of (almost lossless) electrical energy transmission
(without wires).  I don't expect anyone to believe this on this
list.  However, I have satisfied myself as to the practiclity 
(of this method and process), and hold out hope that one day soon,
this method will be widely accepted, in today's paradigm view
of how things work.

Until all the experimental proof can be verified by indepentent
sources, it will remain, as it has, for over 100 years, a subject
for constant debate, argument, and disbelief.

Bill Wysock.

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> To All -
> If you go to this site you will find the basics for Tesla's world electrical
> system. Quoted from the site "Standing on a hilltop, you would see a forest
> of electric-field lines shooting out of the ground everywhere, stretching up
> to the ionosphere". These are currents circulating between the ionosphere
> and earth with billions of kilowatt hours a day.
> This electrical energy powers the weather, etc, on earth. The source of this
> energy is the sun. Tesla wanted to use this system except with electrical
> sources on earth. He said he had solved the earth to ionosphere path problem
> but never revealed the details. In other words the circuitry is already
> available, only implementation is required. The system would use currents
> not Hertzian waves.
> John Couture
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> you should be able to turn up details of field mills...
> www.sciam-dot-com/1999/0799issue/0799amsci.html
> http://weather.ou.edu/~fgallag/dates/oasis1.shtml
> What you need is a sensitive AC voltmeter, preferably synchronized to the
> rotation rate of the vanes.  Almost any high impedance op amp amplifier
> will probably do.
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