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Re: Practical limits

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> *** My question now is what are practical limits for distance between my coil
> and computers, etc.  I have cheap 486's for my kids ethernetted (?) 
> throughout 
> the house to my good computer... and  then the usual wiring, phone lines, 
> Tv, 
> etc.  Not a lot of indoor space, but I'd really like to be able to run it 
> inside. 
> My Coil: 12kv/60ma NST, ~20" o.d. primary, 4.25" secondary, 17" o.d toroid. 
> I'm really hoping for comments from people based on actual experience as 
> opposed to: "you'll fry your brother's first grade teacher's dentist's 2nd 
> cousin's neighbor's pepper grinder in Latvia"  (no offense to Latvians). 
> But comments about what was actually fried unintentionally by people, and 
> how 
> close/why would be great! (and especially how you would avoid it now). 
> (Christopher Boden, I noticed a post from you where you ran a coil in an 
> Internet Cafe? -- how far from the nearest computer? ... ). 
> Naturally, I have to add that I'm hoping to avoid a Faraday cage. 
> I purposely put this question off until it was almost done, so I could trick 
> myself into not being subject to the "what was I thinking" phenomenon (but 
> it 
> didn't work). 
> Thanks in advance, 
> Matt. 

Hi Matt! 
I have a 4.25 coil in my basement running from a 15/60 tranny. While I have 
not yet fried anything, a battery powered calculator in the room above (about 
6ft) goes totally bananas when the coil is running at 60V input. All 
experimentation has stopped indoors since the discharge hit a water pipe 3/4" 
from a live natural gas line in basement ceiling. With my RF ground being a 
5/8 diam.CU rod driven 4ft through the basement floor with a 52" #6 battery 
cable from TC to Rod, I have not had any back up into the house wiring (I do 
have dual stage EMI filter on inlet to Variac). My PC is on 2nd floor at 
opposite end of house. 
Hope this helps, 
Matt D.