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vortex tube for static gap cooling

Original poster: "Bob Thaden by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <robert.thaden-at-amd-dot-com>

I wonder if anyone has experimented with "Hilsch" Vortex Tubes. 
They seem like a great way to cool static spark gaps.  It doesn't 
have the problem of water cooling.   All you need is a compressor.  
The 'Amateur Scientist' book by C.L. Stong showed how to make one 
(link below).
http://www.visi-dot-com/~darus/hilsch/     Stong's Amateur Scientist
http://www.arizonavortex-dot-com/    about $100-120
http://www.artxltd-dot-com/vortex/principle.shtml   starting at $98.00
http://www.montagar-dot-com/~patj/hilmnu.htm   (note Sci.Am thread)
-bob from Austin