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Re: Tesla's Myth question

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>

Hi Ed and All,

Teresa asked an honest question and deserved an honest answer...

It was Tesla's intention to transmit power while developing the Tesla coils
we all enjoy now.  Although I am sure he enjoyed the big sparks as much as
we do, that really was not his goal.  Power transmission and the Tesla
coils we know today will always be linked together.  I am sure Tesla would
be disappointed that (for whatever reason) his world power system never
came into being.  However, we have, at least, found a very successful use
for his work as we all wildly build coils for the purpose of making cool

Ed's simple statement "Over the past century no one seems to have been able
to do so successfully" pretty much sums it all up.  We put men on the moon,
robots on Mars, made weapons that can kill us all 1000 times over, can do
all the calculations Tesla did in his life in a few milliseconds on our
desk top, make high voltage capacitors out of mud ;-)...  But power
transmission with Tesla coils is no closer now than 100 years ago.  People
have tried really hard and gone to extraordinary lengths to try to get it
to work, but they just have never found anything...  As knowledge increases
in this area, it seems this goal just gets further and further away...

This topic of world power transmission has "historical" interest but today
it just does not seem to have "practical" interest.  If one want's to
transmit energy with a coil we can get it to go a few feet but the
principles involved are not even close to what Tesla had proposed.  

I know some are disappointed that the Tesla list does not support the power
transmission subjects more.  We seem to have so many answers when it comes
to building Tesla coils, but we seem to be useless and can only offer
"talk" on power transmission.  Not because we are trying so hard to hide or
suppress any thing but simply because we really don't have that much truly
new practical information to add to the tome of what has already been said
over and over before.  

As one looks through the archives, we could fill a number of books on all
the practical coil building information in there.  However, when it comes
to world power transmission with Tesla coils, all we can really say is
"Over the past century, no one seems to have been able to do so

Thus, the Tesla list is geared toward doing what it does best.  Providing
help and practical information on how to build better Tesla coils.



At 08:46 AM 5/1/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Surprised Terry has let this topic linger here, but just have to put in
>a comment.  Tesla's proposed power transmission system was extremely
>simple and spelled out in great detail in his patents.  Anyone who
>chooses can attempt to duplicate his ideas and test them.  It's not
>necessary to understand the theory in order to reproduce the equipment
>and give it a try.  Over the past century no one seems to have been able
>to do so successfully, anecdotes and wishful thinking to the contrary.