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Microwave Cap MMC

Original poster: "Kelly & Phillipa Williams by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <kellyw-at-ihug.co.nz>

Hello All,

My 9" tesla coil is coming together.  Today we did some "preliminary tests."
Numerous components were missing or disconnected (I am too ashamed to say
which).  We got no arcs from the toroid, but we did prove that the capacitor
does not blow up instantaneously.  We had numerous arcs in the primary
circuit due to leads lying against each other, and the spark gap power-arced
a lot (set insanely close due to the missing components etc etc.)  We also
had a pri/sec flashover which will be easy to repair (right at the bottom).

The capacitor is made out of 20 microwave doubler capacitors in just one
long series chain. Each cap is 1 uF, so that is a total of 50 nF (0.05 uF).

We learnt a lot about our components and will continue when we have it fully
set up.


Alan Williams