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RE: MOT w/doubler question

Original poster: "Peter Lawrence by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <Peter.Lawrence-at-Eng.Sun-dot-com>

      can I current-limit my voltage doubler by using a smaller cap?
Stands to reason, but I think I have to ask. As it came from the microwave
the circuit has a 0.65uF cap, thats 67 times the size of my 9.6nF 
NST-Res-sized tank cap, enough for a lot of gap-arcing energy.


> Hi Pete,

> It looks as though you have the hang of it. For more information on the
> subject, go to www.corridor-dot-net/deano . There you will find a file called
> diode.zip that has the basic theory on DC power supplies. This level shifter
> circuit works quite well with a SRSG running at 60 BPS. With a static gap
> you will probably need more current limiting than provided by a T.F. style
> filter circuit. The current will still tend to be rather high making the gap
> hard to quench.

> later
> deano