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Re: 811A any good?

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tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes:

there was a schematic using a 811A tube to drive a VTTC, on some 
> website which I can't remember or find. 
> Anyway, is a single 811A tube any good for a table top VTTC? 
> Just asking because it is so cheap, about $25 per piece from 
> www.elfa.se ... 
> But those ~250W seem very little? 
> - Jan  

<< Hi Jan! 
       The 250 W is about the point where the plate starts to show a dull red 
 glow. If you can get a copy of the RCA technical manual TT-5 "Transmitting 
 Tubes - to 4KW Plate Input" it has all the specs. Reprints are available 
 Antique Electronic Supply of Tempe Ariz. 
 Matt D.    >>

Hi Matt, 
The 811 is a great tube for a VTTC but you guys better take another look at 
TT-5 and the 811 specs. The max plate dissipation is around 60 Watts. The 811
is just a big 807. They make great triode PP stereos. :)

Ralph Zekelman