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Re: Is transformer output impedance important?

Hi Seth,

It's OK to substitute different NSTs for the 4x4
cluster shown in the Poptronics plans. The thing will
still work. Yes, you really do need to ground the NST
neutral terminal(s).

The Poptronics coil is a sensible design, but I don't
like the ferrite loaded filter chokes. Wire wound
power resistors are cheaper and do a better job. Terry
Fritz's original RC filter is even better.

Actually, there are many simpler, cheaper,
easier-to-build designs on the Tesla coil web ring
giving equal or better performance at similar power
levels. Perhaps you should shop around a little before
you start building. If I was a beginner seeking the
most bang for the buck, I'd copy John Freau's
small(12kV/30ma NST)coil.

J.H. Couture also has some tested & proven small coil
designs in his excellent book: "Tesla Coil
Construction Guide", with instructions, drawings, etc.
 His book costs about $20, but it will save you about
a million bucks worth of guesswork & worry. Besides,
after you read it you won't need coil plans
anymore--you'll be able to design your own.

Best Regards,


--- Tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> wrote:
> Original poster: "Seth Fischer" <aureo-at-xtra.co.nz> 
> I am a first time coil builder and am basing my coil
> on the Information
> Unlimited design published in the July 2000 issue of
> Poptronics.
> But I need some help with changes I will be making:
> Instead of the specified 4x4kV 30mA  transformers
> (series/parallel to
> give 8kV 60mA) I want to use neon sign transformers
> and a variac.
> Will I need to change the pri/sec design?
> And, why is the neutral conductor bonded to earth? I
> thought this was a
> big no no with the Multiple Earthed Neutral system.
> Thanks
> Seth Fischer

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