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Ok, I'm beaten. I need cap advice. What capacitance is beer bottles?

The last thing I wanted to do was to have to put caps in huge buckets and
connect them to my coil but it appears that after weeks and weeks of failing
caps, I have no choice but to go to bottle caps in huge 5 gallon buckets if
that's what it takes. I cannot afford the ones on EBAY, I try to bid on tesla
stuff there and I get outbid by a particular person there that seems to be
rolling in the dough.
I am going to use beer bottle caps in huge buckets, I hate it but I have no
choice but does anyone know what the approximate capacitance of a beer bottle
I did manage to get two 20kv 500 mmfd transmitting doorknob caps but I was
pretty dissapointed in the output and they got hot very fast. It was a test run
anyway. I figured I needed about 6 more to make a decent safe string so maybe I
will save them for a tubed coil.
At least there is some good news. I managed to ressurrect my 9/30 NST by
unpotting it. Instructions said to soak it for 3 days, well since I was trying
to desolve the block and save the case (I was successful), I soaked it for a
One big wad of tar was stuck to the bottom and when I pulled it out it
streached and exposed about 20 hair thin wires on one of the secondary windings
and exposed and streached about 4 wires on the other. I figured it was hosed
but miracle of miracles, NO WIRES WERE BROKEN!!
So, I slipped a piece of 12mm poly under the streached windings and slathered
it all with silicone seal and let it cure for three days.
Then lastnight I connected some #29 wire to the thin wire and tested for
continuity and slathered more globs of silicone seal to hold it and did a test
run this morning It's A.L.I.V.E!!! I can't believe it!!
What a nightmare unpotting is!!