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RE: Is transformer output impedance important?

I would question anything from Poptronics or IU.

I don't know what they specify for a spark gap but if the transformer
voltage changes, the spark gap width should also change correspondingly.
The same goes for the capacitor voltage rating.  The pri/sec design should
not be affected.

Normally the neutral is connected to the earth at your fusebox or breaker
panel.  Did they say that you should bond the neutral to earth at the coil?
That sounds very dangerous should you guess wrong.  The base of the
secondary, the case of the HV transformer, and the common terminals of a
protection network (doubtful that such was used in an IU design) should be
connected to an independent connection to earth ground, not to the neutral.

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

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		I am a first time coil builder and am basing my coil on the
		Unlimited design published in the July 2000 issue of

		But I need some help with changes I will be making:

		Instead of the specified 4x4kV 30mA  transformers
(series/parallel to
		give 8kV 60mA) I want to use neon sign transformers and a

		Will I need to change the pri/sec design?

		And, why is the neutral conductor bonded to earth? I thought
this was a
		big no no with the Multiple Earthed Neutral system.

		Seth Fischer