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Original poster: "Ted Rosenberg" <Ted.Rosenberg-at-radioshack-dot-com>

Hi all:
Can anyone who has had experience lighting fluorescent lamps with TCs give
me some guidelines?


Do the lamps need to be grounded?

No, but it sometimes helps.

Do they need to be hit
by streamers?

Nope, but if they are (and grounded as well) they REALLY light up.

Is there a 'field" distance that will light them?


FYI, I placed one about 5 feet from the toroid (in a garbage can) and it did
not light.

1: for a stand, use a wire spool, a metal (?) garbage can will shield it and 
it won't work. NOT ALL TUBES WORK, I don't know why, but even brand new 
tubes, some will work, some won't, bring a few. I REALLY like the 18" ones:)

At the time I was getting multiple 24 inch streamers to air and solid 30
inch arcs to ground.

Safety First

BTW, if a tube is rather close when you're holding it, you will get small 
(1-3") discharges from the outbound end (the end near your body, and away 
from the coil), these can bite your wrist and freak you out, be expecting 

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