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Re: 2x9 secondary

dale, all

Tesla list wrote:

> It need not be solid, however commonly available galvanized coated steel
>   will not be as effective as Cu or Al at high freq, but it is worth a try
> if you have some.
>   Does anyone know of a mfr/distr of Al mesh ?

in looking for a better faraday type material for my coiling lab, i came across
some expanded aluminum gutter guard. this stuff, although only 6" wide, is very
thick and constructed along the same lines as expanded metal. i found that the
fact that al. screen is not really connected, strand to strand, so it
doesn't do
well for grounding shield in my room? seems as though the streamers go
every where
but the screen, the gutter guard attracts it like a magnet. cheap too.

> Regards, Dale
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> Subject: 2x9 secondary
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>     Hi all,
>  Got bored (and in a *very* bad mood) this afternoon, so I set up a
> 2" secondary on my testbed to relax myself.  Today, I finally set a
> mark of achievement for myself, though I don't know if I can repeat
> it (I'll certainly try!)
> ...snip...    I must have hit the
> sweet spot dead on, 'cause there was very little flashover, and
> great big 20-24" streamers comin' off the thing.
> ...snip...  BTW, I checked my ground (from the 120v line, and I'm
> pulling 118v to my ground (and 118v to the other side of the outlet
> :), and only ~10-20 ohm from house neutral to my ground.  I'd
> suffice it to say it's a good ground :)
> ...snip...
>   A thought I just had...I've a nearly-identical secondary, so
> maybe I'll try a magnifier setup?  Hmmm....The freq. of both coils
> together would drop down really far.
>   Caio!  Sundog