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RSG material?

Hello list members.                                                   
I am currently attempting to build an SRSG. I have located a motor for
modification and will be running 3600 RPM. I gather I need 2          
electrodes on the rotor. I see a lot of series gap designs on the net.
Is that something I should look into? I would like to shoot for the   
120 bps system. Firing every half cycle.                              
I would like to gap to handle 5-10 KVA without melting. With runtimes 
of 1-2 minutes tops. I was thinking tungsten electrodes (the arc      
welder kind).                                                         
I would like to know what to make the rotor from. G-10 would be nice, 
but expensive. Messages seem to indicate it is hard to work as well. I
am pretty much limited to hand tools at the moment, so I need to be   
able to work the stuff without buying a machine shop. How big should  
the rotor be? And where can I buy the material to make it from? A cost
estimate would be nice. I also need to know how to connect the rotor  
to the motor shaft.                                                   
Any help appreacted.