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Re: Foam-core Toroids

jason wallace here
i've used to work at baja boats and i've had alot of pratice using a foam
gun. the best way to do what you guys are talking about would be to make a
mold of what ever shap you would want and then have the mold have a hole in
the bottom of it so you could fill it with the foam.  to fill it you would
had to put the nozle inside of the hole and spary the side walls as best you
can. and then spary straight down. after doing this the foam will expand and
as it does the foam on the walls and the foam in the middle will mix.  and
all the exsta will come out of the hole on the bottom. make sure the hole on
the bottom is ontop as you do this :).  let it dry for about 30 hour and
then break off the extra off of the hole and take the mold apart. i have
done lots of this making tagets for bows shooting. its easy and fast.

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> Hi Brian:
> If this guy is in the boat molding business and has access to the foam in
> bulk, perhaps he could just inject it into a truck tire inner tube.  While
> it clearly wouldn't have a rigid sidewall, so what if it expands while it
> cures?  As long as it expands uniformly, the inner tube would guarantee a
> perfect shape!
> Don't worry about the conductive coating.  Aluminum tape is cheap (at
> in the US), goes on easily, looks nice, and works well.
> Regards, Gary Lau
> Waltham, MA USA
> >Original poster: "brian foley" <ka1bbg1-at-mcttelecom-dot-com>
> >
> >Hi Gary, I'm just up the road and hour or so from you in nh. I had been
> >talking to a guy who ran a plastic molding shop(vacum formed) and tried
> >get an idea of how to mold foam as well. He says to get density control
> >must be able to cap off the container your filling and having just the
> right
> >amount of foam helps. As it needs to be capped off this means the mold
> >to have a lot of sidewall strength. I am still trying to come up with a
> way.
> >I wunder if there is a conductive coating that could be aplied inside the
> >mold first so the end result would be a smooth outer conductive
> shell(that's
> >how all these fancy bass boats are made.) gel first then decals then
> >then fibre layer. hmmm  cul brian