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new pictures on website

hi all 
i've done alittle updating on my site and i have a new animated giff of a small
coil of mine check it out 
i've also been working on my big coil and its all most ready to fire. i've just
finished winding my secondary which is 10"by 22" and wond with 22 guage wire
appox. 970 windings 
trans is 15kv 60ma, my caps are on order they are 30  40 kv .345pu and my
primary is 15 winds of copper tubing with a 3/8 mouth size, my spark gap i will
be making a vaccum motor to run it i'm still working out the bugs on that one
but i will have it soon. anyideas are always welcome, and appericatied 
thanks for ready 
jason wallace