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RE: Movies to PC

Hi All,

  On the subject of digitizing TC videos, I found from my own work (okay,
it's not a TC video, but the compressor will work), that Bink! made by Rad
Game Tools www.radgametools-dot-com
 makes the *BEST* compressor.  It handles adding sound and made my 25 meg
animation only 5 megs with practically no visible loss.  It's free for
non-commercial use (good thing I'm not making commercials! :)   It's a free
download, and it works.  Same enging 90% of the cinematics on video game
CD's is compressed with (diabloII, etc).  Awesome compression, i usually get
5-6:1.  Very high quality product, and free!   It compresses existing
animations, makes separate frames into an animation and compresses it, adds
sound and compresses that...you get the idea.  Also makes self-executing
files, so ppl can download from your site & not need a viewer.  Only
drawback is the un-licensed version has a splash screen.  No biggie with me
			Hope this helps, and ask me offlist if you got problems

PS, did I mention it's free? ;)

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Hi Ted

I use QuickTime pro  it's make by Apple but run on PC too. The same
sequence in mpg2 is 5.5 MB with QuickTime in mov is 2.3MB.The reader is

Maybe we are a little out of subject   Terry...?*

Luc Benard

*As long as the purpose is for coiling, it is fine. - T.

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