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plastic wrap secondary?

While I'm going...
Has anybody tried to use plastic wrap as the form for the secondary?
I happened to be thinking about ways to avoid water and conductive materials
altogether and thought about using 8" or 10" (or whatever size you may need)
of cardboard tubing, wrapping it with a decent amount of layers of plastic
wrap, carefully, as to avoid large wrinkles and bumps, covering with some
sort of sealant and hardener, such as the build 50 or several coats of
polyurethane.  Allow it to dry completely, sand smooth, soak the entire form
in water to loosen the cardboard tube, peel away the tub and leave yourself
with tubs of plastic wrap and epoxy-ish stuff.  The plastic wrap will try to
unravel when you pull out the wet tube pieces, but they can be padded back
down when dry and gone over with more polyurethane.  Perhaps a few more
coats to make sure it's perfectly smooth, then it's ready to wrap up with
wire and even more coats!  Will this work, or will the plastic
wrap/polyurethane tube get too soft and deform when you go to put more coats
on it?  will it even hold together under handling?