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RE: Finally joined

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-Hi Joe. Welcome!  Now, about your cap setup,  You say 22 of the 500pf
-caps wired in series parallel.  I see that you have therefore a set of 11

oops...typo.  22 are all in parallel.  And yeah, I have to get a ground
going.  I have one at a friend's farm that we used once, but the joy of
lugging the coil up there in my little car was nearly great enough to put me
to sleep.  I used the grounded lightning rod system on one of the barns, and
I have a ground system of 3 3' copper clad ground rods buried in an
equilateral triangle.  I also soaked the ground with a hose, but made sure
to stay on higher ground while testing. :)  I also keep my TV on when I run
the coil in the apartment, but runs are very short, only several seconds.
it's too loud to run it for much longer, but the interference to my TV (only
about 7' away) is next to nothing, two faint line of interference near the
bottom of the screen.  Maybe just because we all have cable?  I do know that
I've disrupted a neighbor's antenna reception back where my parents live.
That neighbor was a good 200'-250' away.  I don't know if I should be proud
of that or if I should consider it a red flag for improper tuning.  
Anyway, I'm hoping that I'll be able to play around with the spark gap and
open it up a bit when I get some higher voltage rating in my capacitor bank.
I'm currently waiting on delivery of a .01uf 80kVDC cap, so we'll see what
happens.  If I can only get it up to half power indoors before it gets to be
too much, I'll be happy and content to wait for a chance to bring it
outdoors again.  Until then, though, I've put a halt on turning it on.  I
really don't like the idea of it being connected to the primary...