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RE: Finally joined

Hi All, Joe!

  Welcome man, and you'll find we *never* get tired of talking about/working
on/watching/squibbling over details here.  The moderator is great, the owner
is great, and I, along with the rest of the uneducated, can pick the brains
of some of the brightest guys.  Be prepared for lots 'o mail tho.  Last
month was ~1677 msgs and almost 9 megs by Outlook's numbers.  I loves it, as
I get a break from the tedium of my job (sitting around waiting for the
network to break down, which it *rarely* does), so I get plenty of time to
think about TC stuff. Solitaire gets a good workout tho...But when the
network goes down...*shudder*  But I digress...

  We never tire of TC's.  Toob, sillycon, or good old illegal disruptive,
big arcs'n'sparks are what we love :)  Welcome and let's hear about your


Original poster: jduva-at-baytechnologies-dot-net

Hello all!  I finally joined up with the listserv and I just wanted to say
hi and introduce myself.  My name is Joe and I'm currently in Maryland,
working on improving my first coil.  I hope to get to know everybody, as
I've worn out everybody I know so far with the tesla coil stuff.  At least
they all like to watch it. ;)  Take care.