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RE: Finally joined

Joe: Welcome.
I started my first coil last January and finally got first light Sept 3.
During this last 9 mo or so, I talked about not much else (Oh, there's an
election this year?) or how hot it was last night in my garage (usually
I have discovered that researching, designing, and building that first coil
is an effort that demands 150% concentration almost 24/7.
I designed my spark gap at 2AM. Couldn't sleep. 
But the whole thing worked right from the first moment I cranked up the
And as for viewing...you are right. I'm finding that civilians can't get
enough viewing time.
You'll have fun and learn a bunch too.

Safety First

Ted Rosenberg (Ft Worth TX)
Geek Group Member #1030
Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!

Subject: Finally joined

Original poster: jduva-at-baytechnologies-dot-net 

Hello all!  I finally joined up with the listserv and I just wanted to say
hi and introduce myself.  My name is Joe and I'm currently in Maryland,
working on improving my first coil.  I hope to get to know everybody, as
I've worn out everybody I know so far with the tesla coil stuff.  At least
they all like to watch it. ;)  Take care.