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Re: Coil Efficiency (was megavolt)

> My rotary drops about 1300V at 2800A.  Since the
> primary is a
> 26kVDC system, the rotary loss is about 1300/26000
> or about 5%.
> There are no other obviously dissipative components
> (warm to the 
> touch, at least) in the coil system.  So I can't
> imagine how more 
> than 20% of the coil's throughput could be
> dissipated as heat.
Be dead sure that primary arc consumes  more than just
5% (what a nice primary arc that would be)! 
Whatever 1300V/2800 A might suggest you for arc
"impedance "-and relative consumption so,it may be
misleading figure .
Primary TC  arc is nonlinear element and its
dissipation cannot be calculated the way you


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