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Re: coil calc

Hi Phil,  Now about your bottle caps, you should have the thread end
protruding from the top of the caps. This would make it easy for you to
attach machine nuts and washers as needed to affix wires onto the top of
your caps.  If you have the bolt heads at the top of your caps;  then you
will need to reverse this arrangement and place the bolt heads into the
bottle and leave the machine stud exposed at the bottle cap so you can
attach wires to them.   As a last resort, use alligator clips.   Yeah,
the internet stuff went over my head too,  I am lousy at math, but I
excel in persistance.  Just keep trying!   But reading your mail, you
must mean that your "secondary" is 776 turns. I am not sure by your
primary being 28 turns with  22ga wire. Is this really what you used? 
Sounds awful small.    AL.   

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000 21:54:06 -0600 "Tesla list" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
> Original poster: "Phil Hotka" <kingbobdole-at-hotmail-dot-com> 
> hi there..
> I am just getting into coiling and have built my self a fairly large 
> coil.  
> I tried to work out a lot of the math, but I was wondering if this 
> thing 
> will even work.  Some of the info on the internet went over my head, 
> so I 
> want a second opinion before startin' this thing up.  This is my 
> coil:  the 
> input is a wall socket (120V) that goes to a 15000V 30 mA 
> transformer.  Then 
> it goes to a set of bottle type caps.  two six paks measure 1.47 
> each.  I 
> know it is a farad, but not if it is nano or micro, or not at all.  
> then it 
> goes to a cylinderical; static spark gap that is controlled with a 
> different 
> circut.  the gap is sevenb pieces of brass tube in a pvc pipe.  they 
> are 
> about 5 mm apart.  then it goes to my secondary.  It is on a eight 
> inch 
> treated sono tube.  28 turns with #22 wire.  then the primary in 776 
> turns 
> on an eight inch pipe (sono tube)  #22 wire.  the sec is inside the 
> pri.  
> Tehn the topload is a work lamp casing.  Thanks in advance to 
> everyone! :-) 
> also... My bottle type caps have a bolt sticking out the top, and I 
> haven't 
> figured out how to attach a wire to it.  every thing is well 
> insulated.
> Thanks all
> Phil
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