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coil calc

hi there..
I am just getting into coiling and have built my self a fairly large coil.  
I tried to work out a lot of the math, but I was wondering if this thing 
will even work.  Some of the info on the internet went over my head, so I 
want a second opinion before startin' this thing up.  This is my coil:  the 
input is a wall socket (120V) that goes to a 15000V 30 mA transformer.  Then 
it goes to a set of bottle type caps.  two six paks measure 1.47 each.  I 
know it is a farad, but not if it is nano or micro, or not at all.  then it 
goes to a cylinderical; static spark gap that is controlled with a different 
circut.  the gap is sevenb pieces of brass tube in a pvc pipe.  they are 
about 5 mm apart.  then it goes to my secondary.  It is on a eight inch 
treated sono tube.  28 turns with #22 wire.  then the primary in 776 turns 
on an eight inch pipe (sono tube)  #22 wire.  the sec is inside the pri.  
Tehn the topload is a work lamp casing.  Thanks in advance to everyone! :-) 
also... My bottle type caps have a bolt sticking out the top, and I haven't 
figured out how to attach a wire to it.  every thing is well insulated.
Thanks all
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