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RE: Foam-core Toroids

There should be plenty of places specialising in styrofoam- most have
computer controlled hotwire cutters, too.

The last block of styrofoam I bought cost A$260 (~US$140) including the cost
of cutting profiles. They had plenty of offcuts available for the usual
carton fee.

Offcuts can be easily glued together

BTW any thoughts on a metal coating- other than expensive aluminium tape?
($20 for 15' in aus) I'm thinking of vacuum bagging some aluminium foil onto
the foam- should iron out the wrinkles a bit.


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Hi all, Gary,

  I dunno if you'll be able to find it, nor how it'll cost, but for a "spun
styrafoam" toroid of immense porportions, you may try hitting a dock
supply/manufacturing.  Where I used to live by Old Lake Hickory, TN, you
could get a block of the good high-density stuff (no idea of the real name)
at either the boatyards (shaped into a form for small hulls/parts and
fibelglassed over) or a dock supply, as they were used a lot for the floats.
Given the EPA's dislike for the stuff, you may have a hard time finding it
now.  Hit up fiberglass shops, and find out where they buy their foam and
for how much.  I believe you can get it in 2" thick sheets, or maybe the big
'ole 5'x5'x3' blocks I got in TN. unfortunately, it's been quite a few years
since then


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