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Re: Secondary form-black pvc

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "Alex Madsen" <alexmadsen-at-netzero-dot-net>
> Hi Terry
> Is there a good way to test if the pvc contains carbon? The inside (black
> part) of the pvc is shiny and I can't get any black stuff off it with paper
> or my hands.
> If you want i will post a pic of it on my web sight.
> Thanks for you input!
> Alex Madsen
	I just tested a piece of 1/2" shiny black PVC pipe by  holding it
against the upper terminal of my little van de Graaf generator.  No
evidence of any conduction  at all for this particular piece.  I think a
simple test would be to rub the outside of the PVC with a piece of
warmed flannel and see if it accumulates a charge, as evidenced by
attraction of dust or bits of paper.