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ahhh.. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

ok all,
i wrote the post about "its alive...or not". and after much work i am still
getting bright arcs betweeen the mmc or i think inbetween. i cant even see
any carbon tracks or anything. So i cant figure out where it is jumping.
and terry i did set the gap down so that it fired at 90 volts with no caps.
then when i hooked it up it was firing at around 28 volts i think. and when
it hit 30 those loud notice able acrs would jump. i cant really see where
but they are on one of the strings on the mmc. i think there might be
something major wrong with this one string because it is the only one doing
this. any way of testing that it is still good? also any suggestions on
what exactly is the problem. i havent ever heard of this happening befor or
maybe it happens alot ad people just dont speak of it.