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Hi all:
A problem occurred while testing my new coil at the haunted house.
Due to MY stupidity and, frankly, the overall level of light in the room, I
failed to notice that the wire from the spark gap to the start of the
primary (inner turn) had moved really close to the secondary.

Over a few runs, the insulation of the #8 wire failed and welding took

The secondary is a 24-inch closewound section on a 30-inch Plexiglas tube, 6
inches in diameter.
The run in and run out (top and bottom) are wide spaced...about 1 inch
It was a lower run-out turn that got welded.

I plan the following tonight. If anyone wishes to comment, it would be
1. remove the 12 or so inches that terminates at the RF ground terminal.
2. sand off the enamel on the end of the broken wire...about 1/2 inch. File
the #22 smooth.
3. Do the same for a new piece of wire.
4. Tin both.
5. Using a sutcher clamp, lay the two tinned ends parallel to each other and
solder using a minimal amount of solder.
6. use a file to hone down all edges.
7. wrap the new wire around and down to the RF terminal.
8. cover the splice with hot glue.
9. coat with polyurethan to match.
10 make sure that #8 lead to the primary is out of harns way for the

I know splicing is generally looked on as a "no-no" but I think since it is
not the main winding, I should be OK.

Thanks to all.

Ted Rosenberg
Geek Group Member #1030
Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!