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RadioShack resistors

On behalf of Radioshack-dot-com...
Ted says:
I used 100, 10Mohm, 1/2 RS resistors at the penny per price which I ordered
and received in 24 hours from radioshack-dot-com in my MMC. Absolutely no
problem with a 15KV, 60mA NST supply and 100 Seacor .047/1600 caps. They can
be seen clearly on the back of the last of the 5 perf boards in the photo

of course if you live in a city such as Denver, Tempe and Atlanta, you can
shop on site so to speak.

Safety First

Ted Rosenberg (RS Employee)
Geek Group Member #1030
Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!


> << Also, I was hoping someone could suggest a good source for
>  1/2 or 1 watt, 10 meg bleeder resistors (preferably some local
>  jobber like Radio Shack). Thanks in advance for your answers. >>
> Radioshack-dot-com has their 1/2 watt 10Mohm resistors for a penny a piece in
> quantities of 100. I am lucky enough to live within driving distance of
> of their 3 -dot-com stores so I get them in bags of 100 for $1.07 tax and all.
> you don't live in a city with one of the stores they will ship to you and
> you'll have to add shipping to that, but, it should still beat Mouser or
> Digi-key because you don't have to buy 1000 at a time to get a good price.
> Marc

	WARNING:  Although RS doesn't list the voltage rating of those
resistors, a typical value is about 200 VDC.  If I were using them I'd
put enough in series (across each capacitor) to make sure the voltage
was less than about the 200 I mentioned above.