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going salient

Yes, It's me again...
I've been sifting through all that info on converting to salient pole and I
found some "different" methods.
It's come to my attention that the "dead pole method" is no longer used. Why is
How do I calculate the part of the armature to remove? I probably won't be
using an angle grinder, but rather a milling machine so I'd like to know
exactly how much material to remove. Oh, I guess I should mention that all the
motors I'll be converting are 3450 RPM
with horsepower ranging from 1/15 all the way up to 1/4. 
Do you think I could get away with running 1/6 hp motor for a 10" diameter
I want a rotary that can handle up to 4kW and maybe even 6 in the not so
distant future... Does a 10" disk sound about right?
How much dwell time should I aim for when using a LTR 2kW system?
So many questions, so little time. Any help would be appreciated.
I wish someone could just write a method that could be considered the standard
in this area...