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Re: nst pfc

Hi Marc,

	AC power is filled with low loss inductive things.  If you start adding
too many caps, somethng may go resonant.  My brother, who works with
generators all the time, was quick to warn about using generators with
leading loads.  It makes big fire balls shoot out of the generators! ;-))

	It is unlikely our "little" AC loads would do anything bad, but in general
it is best to keep power factors lagging a bit to insure things stay stable
and predictable.  If everyone were to go sticking caps on the AC line, we
would soon hear a loud "boom" in the direction of the power plant, but we
can add inductors all day long... 



At 02:55 PM 9/10/00 -0400, you wrote:
>terry, all
>it has been said that a leading current would be a no no? why is this? i
>would think that in a very much higher then resonant cap, the leading
>current would help to charge the tank at a higher rate?
>being the voltage is steady, the higher cap value charges at a rate
>relating to current so if a leading factor was introduced, wouldn't this
>help charge the large cap with a 120bps gap?
>am i sticking the jugular out again?   marc