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First attempt to build a smallish coil

Hi! I've decided to build a fairly small tesla coil - the secondary I've 
built (very quickly) is wrapped around a cylinder 9cm high, with a 3cm 
diameter. It is wound with about 200 turns of single core wire (probably too 
thick, and not enough turns, right?)
I'm going to make a primary with thinnish copper pipe coiled in a saucer 
shape. Is this right? :)
I'm going to use a salt-water glass bottle cap, do I only need one or should 
I wire several in series or parallel?
My spark gap is made of 4 pieces of copper pipe arranged in a row with a 5mm 
gap between each. Is this wide enough?
I'm not sure what sort of transformer to use. At the moment I can use either:
a. A single MOT. What is ballast and would I need it?
b. Two 240v-9v transformers wired in series and operated from 20VAC - 
theoretically giving around 12kV, but at such low current I don't think it's 

I don't yet have an NST, they are quite hard to come by in England.

Thanks for your help!