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RE: i need an nst

Masonlite- 36 Second Avenue
                 ME4 5AX
Tel: 01634 812751

Expect to be charged around  100 !
But they no longer do 12Kv units.....
They are all 10Kv or less nowadays.
However, you can get used ones for around 10-30
from neon sign companies.
					Richard Barton.

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Subject: i need an nst

Original poster: "Karl" <coultaka-at-toughguy-dot-net>

is there anybody in the uk who is willing to sell me a neon sign transformer
please email me if so, ill consider all reasonable prices, or if anyone
of a company that i can get one from on mail order, or where i can get one
in the hull area it will be greatly appreciated.

thanx karl coultas