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Jefferson electric NST unpotted - now what?


I have just finished unpotting an old Jefferson electric 15/30 NST.  I
removed most of the tar via a hammer and various sized chisels.  I then
submerged the core in a bath of mineral spirits and rubbed her down with
a paint brush.  Then I did a second bath in lacquer thinner with a
brush.  It's all cleaned up now.  I then check from the case to the end
of each secondary.  I get around 10k ohms per side, if I remember
correctly.  Yahoo!  Now the questions.  I would like to run this guy dry
(not repot it in anything).  What can anyone recommend as a method to
reattach HV wires to those oh so super thin secondary wires.  Use
silicon rubber or hot glue to attach the wire itself to the core and
just wrap a few turns of the secondary wire around it?  Also, I assume
the secondary wire is enamel coated.  How do you remove this insulation
without tearing up the super thin wire so I can solder these wires to
the HV wires?

Thanks a bunch,
John M.